Maisha Collective at the Nairobi Massai Market

I am happy to announce that the Maisha Collective will now be selling their scarves at Nairobi’s Massai Market every Tuesday.

The market is at Westgate Shopping Mall on their rooftop parking lot in Westlands. On Tuesday, tourists and other customers from all over Nairobi (and the world) came and saw our beautiful, handmade scarves, and by the end of the day we had sold a dozen. Not too bad for our first day!

For anyone who has been to a Massai Market before, you know that it can sometimes be a little bit hectic, with hundreds of vendors vying for your attention. Not wanting to be too pushy, we were a little apprehensive about approaching people in the morning. However, by the end of the day we had learned a lot about marketing and promoting our scarves. Our wonderful neighboring vendors taught us the art of bargaining and being personable with would-be customers. They even encourage people to buy our scarves, saying “Have you seen the scarves that our friends made? Not only are they beautiful but they’re for a good cause”.

As I looked at the scarves blowing in the wind along the walls behind us, the beautiful display of colors on the ground in front of us and the smiles on each of our faces. Here’s to many more successful days at the market to come!



  1. How is your scarf selling venture doing? I hope to be in Nairobi next month and will try to stop by there.

  2. Hello,

    I am from Sydney in Australia and trying to source handcrafted scarves from all over the world. I was interested in your scarves and would like to support your cause. Is it possible to send me some photos of your scarves or stoles ? What are the sizes ? Material ? How are they made ? Price ?
    If I like them , is it possible to purchase from here and you can courier me ? I would like to buy about 20-25 scarves to begin with as a test case.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

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