The Girl Effect in Action!

Have you heard of the Girl Effect? The Girl Effect is the “unique and undisputable potential of adolescent girls to end poverty for themselves and the world.” Sound familiar? At Heshima Kenya, the Girl Effect is happening every day. It happens when Bontu, 21, is able to live on her own and support her baby thanks to the education and training she received from our Girl’s Empowerment Project. It’s Iragi, 18, writing a Heshima Kenya anthem and leading other girls as they perform the song (posted below). It’s all the girls, from Somalia, DR Congo, Ethiopia and Burundi, who put aside their cultural and ethnic differences and celebrate their diversity, working together to learn about their rights and educate their communities.

We know that Heshima Kenya is the Girl Effect in action, but now is our chance to prove it. Beginning October 15, Heshima Kenya will be participating in the GlobalGiving Girl Effect Challenge. Win the challenge, and we’ll be an official part of the international Girl Effect campaign, receiving recognition and funding that will help us continue to provide essential shelter, education, and support for adolescent refugee girls in Nairobi, Kenya. And we need you to help us win!

Starting October 15, we will be trying to get the most unique donors on our Girl’s Empowerment Project page on GlobalGiving. That means we want as many different people as possible to give $10 or more, and then – here’s the important part! – encourage 10 friends to do the same. Passing it on means you’re helping girls have their stories heard. In the words of one Heshima girl, “I believe I am a leader because I don’t have to be old to have my voice heard. It all depends on how much I believe and use my brain.”

We believe in the Girl Effect! Help Heshima Kenya win the Challenge – stay tuned in the coming days for more information about how you can help.


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