Category Learning through Empowerment

Margaret’s Voice

One of the most powerful things that Heshima Kenya does is empower girls to share their stories. As our caseworker Osop says, “We give voices to girls who were told never to speak.” The following is Margaret’s story, told in her own words. Sometimes it is like a story, like it didn’t happen to me. […]

The Girl Effect in Action!

Have you heard of the Girl Effect? The Girl Effect is the “unique and undisputable potential of adolescent girls to end poverty for themselves and the world.” Sound familiar? At Heshima Kenya, the Girl Effect is happening every day. It happens when Bontu, 21, is able to live on her own and support her baby […]

Women are the peacemakers

Natalie only recently arrived at Heshima this spring from the Congo, but already has blossomed amongst new friends and new books, growing more confident with each passing day. An eager student of 16 years, Natalie is a quick learner and constantly asked me for more books and assignments to write. While she is naturally shy […]

The most special people on Earth

Asho is the class clown who gets straight A’s, immediately endearing her to her peers and teachers alike. She keeps those around her laughing with her lighthearted jokes, while maintaining a distanced independence and maturity beyond her 17 years that hints at her troubled past. Originally from southern Somalia, Asho chooses not to talk about […]

“Dancing Made Us One”: Celebrating Diversity

For the past couple of months, the girls have been preparing for Heshima Kenya’s Cultural Day, where they sing and dance to express their different culture and heritage to others. This is a way of embracing their identity, building confidence and releasing stress, while having fun at the same time. They are also able to […]