Category Life as an Urban Refugee

Religious Diversity in the Safe House: Ramadan

This Wednesday marks the beginning of Ramadan, the Islamic month of repentance, the most holy month in Muslim tradition. As many of Heshima Kenya’s participants observe Ramadan, we have been spending a lot of time preparing for how things will change with our schedules and programming. Through these discussions I have learned how difficult – […]

Bridging the Gap: A Rights Training with Ethiopian Women

Living in Westlands, Nairobi, my neighborhood is filled with expats and fancy malls. However, on June 24, 2010 I boarded my first matatu (a 14 passenger van that is the common form of public transportation around here) and met Anne, the SGBV Training Coordinator, to go to Kariobangi, a large slum about an hour away […]

The Power of Music

Music plays such a big role in my everyday life. Growing up in a Muslim family, my mother never fails to remind me about how haram (forbidden) it is. I often get laughed at for wearing big ear phones over my hijab or going to concerts, but it helps me get through certain things occurring […]